Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

Thirteen Ways Sparkyis fighting the flu

Or whatever this ailment is that has thrown me for a loop since Tuesday Afternoon and is refusing to really give up.

1…. Dayquil-The liquid version tastes nasty by the way

2.Nyquil-I used to hate the taste of this medicine, until I had Jaggermeister in college, then it went down smooth as a melted butter.

3.Tylenol-There those round pill really damned hard to swallow

4.a humidifier-though honestly, I cant sleep without one so it really has nothing to do with the cold.

5. & 6. 2, yes 2, different digital thermometers. for whatever reason, since there digital they dont seem that accurate, since i keep getting readings of 99 and 96.7

7.Sleep-well duh

Multiple Doses of

8.Maury Povich-"whose my baby's daddy?"


9.Jerry Springer-"Why I am gonna kick my step moms ass for sleeping with my cousin"

Lots of fluids

10.Gatorade AM

11.Turkey Hill Blueberry Ooglong Iced Tea

12.Turkey Hill Green Tea

13.Arnold Palmer's Rasperry Lemonade Tea

One add on-

14.Shower Soothers Vanilla-Im gonna try that one today in an attempt to both shower and get my butt to the doctors.

Any other home remiedies?? Im begging you to share.

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Chickadee said...

Oh I hope you get to feeling better. Sleep and the soap-operaish daytime talk shows are my favorite pasttimes when I'm sick.

That blueberry tea sounds good.

My 13 are up.

lady jane scarlett said...

I hope you are feeling better too Sparky. I'd like to suggest some soup, lots of vitamin C, and just take your time.

nancy said...

Sleep is the best thing. And, I read a book or two. As long as I move the pages and not my head it is usually OK!

FEEL BETTER SOON! Sending healing vibes your way.

Annie said...

Tea -- hot tea with lots of lemon and honey (but go lighter on the lemon if your throat is that bad). And you can't beat tomato soup and grilled cheese when you're sick. Something's been going around in Jersey, too; I've had the lingering cold this year, too.

And Mrs. Duck is right; lay off the cancer sticks for awhile! She wants you around for your 50th anniversary, my friend! Feel better soon...

Sweet Kitty said...

Oh I so feel with you. Hubby and I caught a deep cold too. We've just been to the doctors. Antibiotic for me, penicillin for hubby.
We bought some rum, so we'll drink grog (hot water, rum, sugar, lemon juice). Hopefully we get some sleep then...

I'm up too. Please visit my blog and have fun.

Get-well-soon-Hugs and Happy TT,
I will excercise for comments!

Darla said...

Sleep and fluids and vitamin C. I'd add some hot fluids to that--they seem more soothing to me. Hot tea, or soup or something.

Hope you feel better soon!

Pen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I could have used a similar topic last week. I just finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and strep.

My TT #4 is up at

Christie said...

i'm so sorry! i hope you feel better! i think you're doing everything right, though! a shower works wonders for me, no matter how badly i don't want to do it, i usually get a nice burst of energy afterward, that is until i get all germ infested again. sleep a LOT!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon!! How about chicken soup? I also like just hot water with lemon. Get well soon and yes, call the Doctor!

Julie in Texas said...

Hot chicken soup, it really does have healing properties. Lots of sleep is always the best as well.

Hope you feel better soon, your teas sound excellent.

Mine is up, #9!

Angelo said...

Hope you feel better soon! Good to see you taking so many fluids, but I don't know if too much "who ma baby daddy?" can be good for you! Happy T13!

Wicked Witch said...

It sucks to be sick. Sorry man!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Chicken soup, silly duck. Studies have shown that it does work.

Btw, love the bit about the Nyquil and Jagermeister! Precious!

Di said...

My son is right there with you...I hope you and he both kick it!

JohnH985 said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I hate having a cold.

My 13 are up.

Charlotte said...

great list! Kick that flu in the butt.

I don't know why you'd ever leave a "great state" such as New Jersey lol. If I had the chance, I'd move much further away! :)

Twyla said...

Definitely watch more Maury and Jerry...all your problems will seem minor compared to theirs. LOL
But seriously, I hope you feel better. I have no home remedies, other than climbing in bed, pulling the covers over my head and waiting for it all to end. Have you tried the Advil Cold & Sinus? That stuff is wonderful. I've never found Tylenol to work for me. Oh, and for a cough, try Buckley' know, the kind that tastes awful, but it works. It really does.

Miss Margo said...

Indian food. It always makes me feel better!

Colleen Gleason said...

Sleep is my number one remedy. And since I learned last week that Apple Cider Vinegar is the elixir...I say give it a swig!

Take care, Philly Dude!

Tink said...

Rest, sleep, vitamine C and Echinaforce (can you get that over there? helped me heaps).
Thanks for visiting my TT.

tiggerprr said...

Awwwwe....poooooor thing! I feel sorry for you! I hope you feel better soon. Looks like you have a lot of stuff covered. Just sleep sleep sleep. :(

Miss Profe said...

That's tough! Feel better soon! Well, I'll recommend soemthing that has not been mentioned: a hot toddy.
My mother and late grandmothers swear/swore by them. You take regular hot tea, and, along with the honey, add ginger brandy. Not only will it help you sleep, but it will also clear your head and chest. Also, rub yourself down well-head, throat, and chest-with Mentholatum. However, you do it just before going to bed, so that your blankets and such will incubate you ,creating a warm, soothing effect.

If all else fails, you may need to visit the Doc. The flu is nothing to play around with.:)

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Good to hear you are looking after yourself... get well soon!

Susan said...

you poor thing - Sick Sad Sparky! the only thing I know lately I've found to be helpful with cold and flu is called Emergen-C - I found it at the grocery over by the vitamins, etc. - it's high-power Vit. C that you dissolve in water several times a day - I'm not sure it will help since it sounds like you are well into your flu but I keep it in the cupboard and any time in the last year when I've felt like a cold or flu was coming on, I started doing it hot and heavy and it really seems to help me get thru faster and without getting nearly as sick as when I don't take it... again I think the key is starting it early so I'm sorry if it won't help this time - feel better Sparky!!! sending lots of healing vibes!!!! :)

Mike said...

Lots of fluids are good when you are sick. I hope you get better. Happy TT.

she said...

I hope you start to feel better soon. Having the flu is just aweful.

Haley-O said...

UGH! The flu sucks! Feel better! Tylenol Flu is my best remedy....And, chicken soup. The good Jewish kind :).

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

1-word cure: THERA-FLU. It's the only thing that makes me feel like a human being again.

My list is posted.

Kimo & Sabi said...

We would say #7 is your best bet! Case in point: We're cats (duh) and we sleep ALL the time (duh) and we've never had the flu!

Fanks for visitin' us on our furry first TT!

alisonwonderland said...

i was also going to recommend Theraflu. i've been using it for years! (i'm glad i got my flu shot this year.)

get better soon! thanks for stopping by!