Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Open Letter to Bob Stoops

or, how low do you feel right about now?

Dear Coach Stoops,

Now only did your team come out flat as a pancake last night. So flat and lifeless in fact, Boise State had a 14 point lead over your Sooners before everyone had even settled into there nachos. Then, after a hard fought comeback, your team fell for a Hook and Ladder, an option pass by a wide receiver and an statue of Liberty play. So, all your whining and kevetching and intimidating of officials did absolutely nothing. Aint it great? A team that claimed that is was a Top 10 team fell for 3 plays in the last 2 minutes that a Pop Warner team would not fall for. Well done!!

Boise St 43, Oklahoma 42. Oh you dont know how sweet it is to write that.