Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years in Center City

Though, we were helped eventually by the fact that the Mummers Parade was rained out, it did make for an interesting trip into the city. Market Street in front of City Hall was closed so the Mummers could practice and work out the kinks for the cameras, because, for some reason, this parade is actually nationally televised. So, we had to drive 4 blocks up, 3 blocks over and then 7 blocks down to make a trip that usually takes 2 blocks. One neat little part was we were in our cars when the Lions stopped the Cowboys on the goal line, giving the Eagles the division, so it was neat to hear the horns in celebration in traffic.

We checked into the Courtyard by Marriot and found our room, which was no frills but comfortable. Its amazing how they drive up the prices of rooms for New Years Eve! But, I digress. Mrs Duck and I walked around city hall, getting some pictures of the City Christmas tree and also allowing me time to work out the kinks of the digital camera, or at least try to, since I havent figured it out yet.

Next was dinner at the Melting Pot. 3 hours of fondue!!! How could that be wrong? It was a good time of food and drink and jokes and just the two of us being a couple, all cute and sweet. Shhh, dont tell anyone. The Melting Pot is also a tad special to us because its the restaurant we went to the first full day of our marriage. So, special menu or not, it was a good time.

Next was the fireworks, which were shot off at Penns Landing, but were fully visible as you look down Market Street. It might have been the clouds that caused them to be visible to us, but we didnt care. Best seat in the house, because after the finale, we were back in our room 10 minutes later.

Heh, no more details to share there, except for the fact that the Parade was canceled (Yeaaa!!) which meant it was really easy to get our hung over butts out of the city.


Colleen Gleason said...

What? You behave? No way!

I love Center City. When I lived near Philly, I had a sales territory for a health care company, and part of it was in Center City. I also had the beautiful area of Society Hill...and then the unique South Street.

I haven't been back for more than ten years. I'm sure it's changed a bunch.

Tug said...

Happy New Year Sparky!! Awesome pictures...I'm glad you had a wonderful time - I've heard great things about the Melting Pot.