Monday, January 15, 2007

Could Have been Worse

But lord knows it could have been better too. But, in the end, the Eagles just could not capitalize on some of the Saints mistakes and they could not stop the run. Now, the run part has been something that has been affecting them all year long, but during this nice little run, they usually came through when there opponents made an error. Unfortunately, they were the ones making a few more mistakes.

So, well done by the Saints, now go and win the Super Bowl would you??!? You have two impressive running backs, a QB that I bet Marty Schottenheimer still wishes he had, and a pretty good, or at least quick defense. Just hope if you do make it, you dont face Peyton Manning, he will cut your secondary to shreds.

As for the Eagles, is there anyway you think that Jeff Garcia could stay as QB, since that means the Westbrook may get the ball more, making the Eagles a better team? Um no I doubt it, just because thats not what the Eagles would do. Looks like the marriage to Donovan McNabb continues. YUCK.

Though on one happy note, I dont have any worries about hearing guff from my Dad, brother, or some of the Jersey boys, since The Eagles were still playing last week and there teams were on the golf course already.


Anthony said...

Yep. Marty would still have Drew Brees if he had his way. That's why there's a lot of bad blood between him and the GM. Wait for the firing.

In the end, the Eagles D-line is still too small. Check the game film, Deuce is still moving that pile toward the goal line.
We'll see if Andy and the bunch think that they need a linebacker at draft time.

10 and 6 was a bit of a stretch for this bunch. I'm getting a little tired of the "almost won" and "a good run" talk, really.

Now, it's nearly baseball season, and we're in for more of the same.

Tug said...
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Tug said...

I'm a Rams fan. ;-( boo hoo. GO BEARS!!!!!

(mine is the deleted....damn computers)

Wordnerd said... I get it. I forgot you're in Philly. Hence the grrr... at my site. We Saints fans would love to have you cross over to the dark side for the rest of the season!