Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Celebrity Houseguest

Still catching up, slowly but surely. The house was a whirlwind of activity, with all the paparazzi and all. You see, Spa Duck had a very special guest while his handlers were away. We shall call him "Ken Howard". No, no not that Ken Howard, he was probably busy working over the final details of the upcoming Crossing Jordan season. No, I meant the "Ken" who has handlers that were hobnobbing with the powers down in DC.

Anyway, "Ken" sent out his review of Spa Duck, and while it was not a glowing endorsement, it was at least acceptable. I believe the parts I can remember were:
-Clean, yet comfortable accomadations
-Food on time, though not a good variety
-Walks on time when requested
-Treats after requested walks
On the downside for the Spa:
-The service was not spoiling enough
-The wakeup call at 5 a.m. due to the staffs need to use the restroom facilities was not welcome.
-Even worse the litany of curses (this was Mrs Duck), when "Ken" requested a walk at 5:10 am were not appreciated.

Oh well, you cant win everyone over, but I do think it will do alot for the Spa's need to be a 3 diamond related establishment with AAA.


amy said...

You should give hubby kudos as he also lived near PHilly