Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2 and a half quacks for "The Queen"

Last Friday we went to see the movie, The Queen. at our local theater. It was a pretty decent movie, though it never really captured me. I guess one good thing is that I never checked my wrist to see what time it was, which is good since I dont have a watch.

The movie focuses around the time just after the death of Princess Diana and how the crown and the Parliament. It also reminded me of how over the top I thought the reaction to the Princess's death was. Though I do admit, I did get up at 5 in the morning to watch the funeral just like what seemed like everyone else.

The film itself is well written, and its all about Helen Mirren as the Queen of England. It is her movie, and she is definetly where that half of a quack comes from. She made it a much better movie then it could have been if she was not in it. She does a fine job of showing the inner conflict between the way she was brought up and how the world had changed. Plus, you can see the jealousy.

One thing the movie also does is paint Price Charles and his father Prince Philip in a pretty bad light. Which is probably good, since I dont usually hear about either prince being painted anything but dopey.

And whoever the actor was that played Tony Blair did a fine job, even if he was doing something that could have been more seen as an impersonation as opposed to acting.

Overall, a good, not great movie, that is carried to goodness by Helen Mirren.


Annie said...

Still haven't seen it yet; waiting for the dvd. I still remember that Sunday morning's headlines: "DIANA DEAD", boldface. I remember thinking it was a joke. I didn't get up early for the service, though. I taped it (yup, still got it). But you know me, I'm a total Anglophile. Anyway, from what I've seen on tv, no one but Helen Mirren could have played her. She looks spot on.

Anthony said...

Tony Blair was played by Michael Sheen, who also played Blair in a British TV movie called "The Deal" in 2003, so he had some experience.

Tug said...

I was celebrating my birthday out with friends...the bartender came out yelling "shut up shut up Princess Di's been in an accident". None of us drunken fools believed him until he turned the TV's on...sad.

Christie said...

husband said they picked the guy who looks most unlike tony blair as possible. i'm on the fence still about seeing the movie! i will probably wait for dvd.

Anonymous said...

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