Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Capper

1. Nothing like hurricane force winds to do a nice bit of damage to your outside Christmas light display. We had a few casualties, the front legs of the snacking fawn have seemed to gone out for good and the swirly white Christmas tree is just a big sail, which is not good since we arent on a boat. Ever been to the beach and seen those flying umbrellas? Picture that with white lights.

2.The Army Navy game was actually a game into the fourth quarter, which is something different in comparison to the last few years, maybe the Black Knights are improving.

3.The BCS got it wrong, but thats ok, when Florida loses by 40, everyone will see how wrong they truly got it.

4.This being a pet owner can be very stressful and heartbreaking. Kittie is still lame in one of her front legs, not to mention the other masses that they have found, which I think I always knew about anyway. Mrs Duck will be a mess, which means I cant be, though we are going to just let the Kittie rest and see if the gimpiness improves, since theres not a thing I can do about her other problems. It would be nice if she was hoppy again though.

5.I dont think I saw one football game yesterday until the 8:00 game last night. Now, even for me, thats weird.

6.I have to do my wish list today, since it is now later then promised, though I would have rather have been doing that then spending Sunday's at the vet hospital.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

The BCS is for losers! Michigan got screwed!

Ellen said...

best wishes concerning Kittie - it's very hard to see your cat ill.