Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #14-Christmas Lights!!!

Thirteen Pictures of Sparky's Christmas Lights

1. christmas 010
The Lights in the backyard, the stars sparkle and the net lights aren't bad to work with.

2. christmas 012
This is our reindeer, which is on its last legs, literally, see the front ones are out. 013
The luminaries, which have been nothing but a pain in the neck this year. These are a one and done decoration.

4. christmas 015
The front window and porch. You should really see how much it lights up the front yard.

5. Sparky's Frosty
The other newest addition, and this one is very very cool looking. It kind of sparkles, even if its not supposed to.

6. christmas 017
The view when you pull into a parking spot

7. christmas 019
Our row of homes is great, they all decorate and all kind of match in theme. This is the whole row, well sort of.

8. christmas 023
The tree in the dark, the lights flicker, thats not a hole.

9. christmas 024
The tree so you can see it. Notice the Oregon Cotton Bowl ornament, the Favre ornament, the many Eeyores, and the engagement box from 2 years ago now.

10. christmas 022
I love what Mrs Duck does to the mantle and the steps.

11. christmas 025
As you can see, Mrs Duck loves Snowmen. And Kittie's stocking will stay up in the middle.

12. christmas 001
A tree closeup

13. christmas 007
This is just a picture that I took at Mrs. Duck's office, just because I ran out of home Christmas pictures.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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Chickadee said...

I like the Snowman...I think that's a nice addition. The lights are tastefully done.

My 13 are up.

Mikala said...

I love the lights! I love all Christmas lights and yours look great!

Happy TT!

I’m up!

Mummy B said...

oooh pretty light's :D

DeeJay said...

I love your little ice cubie snow man!

Sarah said...

I like those stars in the window. That is a nice snowman too.

Kukka-Maria said...

I love your decorations! I'm a big fan of white lights on the outside of the house. So uniform and clean.

Like the multi-colored lights on the tree, though!

Meeeeeeerry Christmas!

Carmen said...

i love the lawn snowman. Now all I need is a lawn!

Caylynn said...

Lovely! Beautiful Christmas lights, Christmas tree and decorations. :)

Happy Holidays! :)

Buttercup said...

I love the boxey snowman!! The tree with all the lights is also really beautiful. Merry Christmas Sparky!

Debby said...

Great list! Beautiful decorations. All you need is some snow....can you take some of ours? I think we might have too much! Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays!

Tink said...

Just one word: WOW! I love all the lights.
My TT is about Yule.

Melissa said...

I love seeing everyone's Christmas decorations. I haven't posted mine because they are utterlly unimpressive.

Thanks for viviting my TT!

tiggerprr said...

Sooo pretty! I wanted my husband to help me do some of this stuff outside but he was too busy :(

Gina said...

Don't you just love Christmas with all those wonderful & festive decors? Especially liked the way Mrs. Duck decorated the stairwell & mantle!It must look really pretty in the dark. Enjoy Christmas!

kontan said...

I love #13 and the snowman is adorable

thanks for stopping by!

local girl said...

My goodness! How long did it take you to put up all those lights? They look great (well, except for the poor reindeer). I love the ice cube looking snowman!

Norma said...

These are gorgeous. You really do sparkle!

My TT is up.