Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I must be nuts...

ok, thats too easy, no comments from the peanut gallery

But, i think I am actually feeling kind of down because Christmas is over. All the buildup I guess. Is that nuts or what? Anywho, I hope everyones Christmas was as fabulous as ours was, or even better then that even, that would be really cool.

On a side note:

Anthony, thanks, I didnt know that was the Cira building, though its better than calling it the shiny building that has taken forever to finish. And yes, Liberty Place, though I took the pic from the 1st floor.

Ho ho ho ya'all


Twyla said...

Nope...that's not nuts at all. I feel the same way every year once Christmas is over. At least there's New years eve to look forward to...but after that I find the winter really depressing. Glad you had a great holiday. We had a great Christmas too. :-)

local girl said...

I think I have post-Christmas depression, too. It reminds me of when you're talking excitedly on your cell phone in public and when you hang up you realize how quiet it is around you. Does that make sense or am I being weird? LOL!

Neila said...

That is not nuts. My husband is in the same funk. I am personally enjoying having a few days with absolutely nothing to do, but I know it will hit me mid-next week.