Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Humbling Experience that is Fantasy Football

As I have mentioned a time or two before, I am in a fairly competitive fantasy football league. Its with a bunch of the Senator's college buddies, and then a few friends from other sources, a brother here, a husband of a wife there. And one thing I can say as this season has wound down, its very easy for this little game to make you feel like a genius and an idiot all within 24 hours. Who knew something like this was possible, annnnddd, you get to pay for the humiliation too!

This past set of games, I played the pictured DeAngelo Williams against the Eagles. It seemed like a sound decision, based more on a hunch then on any kind of input, since alot of the input I found was telling me to play someone else. Williams blew up statistically yesterday, outscoring all my other players, and having possibly one of the best days points wise for a running back over the entire weekend. See Genius!

Of course, I was trailing by 18 points going into last nights game, and here is the idiot moment. I played Joe Horn, even though he had been gimped by a pulled groin, and had been questionable all week. My gut was telling me, play someone else, though my brain was saying your other two options were chumps. Horn went for 1 catch for 13 yards and pulled his groin again and my two bench WR's I had to choose from had good enough days that I would have won easily last night as opposed to losing by 3.

Yep, pass the dunce cap this way please.