Thursday, December 28, 2006

Duck Soup Bowl Serving #2

Okay, I know I have been a tad neglectful when it comes to posting about these bowl games, but honestly, except for the Hawaii Bowl none of the games have been that watchable, but that changes today.

A quick shout to the Independence Bowl, which is pitting Alabama vs Oklahoma St against each other in about 10 minutes, so I am not going to go into a whole long thing about it. Alabama deserves to lose for firing Mike Shula

Now onto the setup for tonight

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
9-3 Cal vs 9-3 Texas A & M

Big Wins
Cal-a half big win over and underachieving Oregon, the rest of there wins are fraudulent at best

Texas A&M-a 25-19 win over Missouri & a huge road win over Texas 12-7 which may have saved there coaches job.

Reasons to Watch-
1.Marshawn Lynch & DeSean Jackson- Marshawn Lynch is a bruising back who ran for over 1200 yards and DeSean Jackson is one of the best kick and punt returners in the NCAA's
2.The Aggies defense held Texas to 7 points and knocked the snot out of Colt McCoy.
3.Um, again, its San Diego, beautiful weather, beautiful vistas, beautiful people.

Aggies by 3

& dont forget about...

The 2006 Texas Bowl

7-5 Kansas State vs 10-2 Rutgers

Big Wins
Kansas State-a 45-42 win over Texas, when Texas was still dreaming of a national championship.
Rutgers-Rutgers thumped a bowl bound Navy 34-0 and pulled off a huge upset with a 21 point comeback to beat Louisville.

Reasons to watch-
Ray Rice-A Heisman trophy vote getter and Maxwell Award finalist is just a sophmore. He is a running back worth watching before he goes to the pros after next year. McFadden of Arkansas or Rice are the best running backs of 2006.
-Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey. The only reason I mention this is while I didnt go to school here, as a NJ resident, you always felt sorry for there football program, which was pathetic to the nth degree, so the fact that they are in a bowl game 2 years in a row is just shocking.
-Baby Girl is a fan
-Reliant Stadium is supposed to be very very nice.

Rutgers by 17

Both games are 8pm tonight, one on ESPN and one on the NFL network (though good luck finding the NFL Network if you have cable tv)


Anthony said...

Geez ... what in Hell is a college game doing on the NFL Network? They're going to make me break down and get digital cable, I guess. My bar tab from watching on Thursday's will just about equal the extra cable bill.

I work with a young guy who's a Rutgers grad, and he's very happy about the turn-around for their football program. It's good for the school and the region, too. We could use something fairly local to root for, college football-wise.

Anonymous said...

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