Monday, October 02, 2006

You, Me and Favree

That is actually how Brett Favre's name was originally pronounce, Favree, though eventually everyone would know how to really pronounce his name once he got to Green Bay. I had Favre on my radar since the late 80's when I was reading a newspaper article while on family vacation in Georgia. It was when he was still a junior, but I find it amazing still as I can see the article in my head, where I was sitting and telling my father this guy out of Southern Miss could be pretty good.

Little did I know, I wish I was that brillant with other things, I'd be an investment genius.

Anyway, thanks to Doc & Subway, Mrs. Duck and I will be taking in the Eagles/Packers game tonight. I am totally jazzed! Favre has been a hero of mine since those early days, and to have the chance to see him in person, even if it is the older, less nimble, Favre, there are still flashes of his brillance in there.

So, what I am rooting for tonight? An Eagles win, 42-35, and a great day by Favre, running around and flinging the ball all over the place to receivers who come through for him once again. Its the least I could hope for isnt it?

And I promise to take plenty of pictures!!

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Jay said...

It's really great that you get to see someone you've followed for so long.

~**Dawn**~ said...

that was a painful game to watch last night. =( the only thing worse, for me, than a Brett Favre loss is a NE Patriots loss.