Monday, October 09, 2006

Wadda Week Pt1-The Linc

Well, I am finally out from underneath the deluge of the in-laws, I am able to look back over the last week, my birthday week. Thrilling isn't it? Anyways, on to part one, The Ducks go to the Linc.

I picked up Mrs Duck and we had actually an easy time getting down to the stadium. Though I realized later because it was Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur or one of those jewish holidays, actually a good time to go to a Monday Night game. The seats were nice, the Eagles won and it didnt rain. Now the Rest

The Good from Eagle vs Packer 10/2/06
1.The Eagles won. It was for a brief period of time kind of a nailbiter. Its amazing what a difference Westbrook makes, because without him, at least against Green Bay, the Eagles had no running game. But Donovan finally decided to start running, thankfully.

2.McFadden's at Citizen's Bank Park. This place was alot of fun, and actually not that crowded, at least for what you would think with an Eagles game across the street. The beers were cheap and the music was good. Highly recommended if your gonna be at an Iggles game.

3.The seats were great, at least when it comes to sightlines. We were right on the 50 yard line, and there was no place hidden from view. Well worth the money.

4.I was glad Greg Lewis had a great game. Though if they say he's 6 feet, then I am Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

The Bad:
1.Favre had a horrible game. Ok, horrible might notbe the right word, but he threw 2 interceptions and could not get his team into the end zone. I was really hoping to see a glimpse of the old Favre, but, I will take just seeing him play at all.

2.Sitting for over an hour in the parking lot to be allowed to leave the stadium. Something that they really need to work on down at the stadiums is the fact that there organization is lacking. We left the game early and were still sitting there with people who stayed until the bitter end. Next year, maybe the subway.

The Ugly:
1.The collection of fans around us. I dont know if because it was a Monday night game, the older guard gave there tickets away to there kids, or if it was the fact that they had the chance to drink all day, but in general I felt the gathered upper level fans were quite rude. Rude to the point that they yelled and tried to make the people in front of them sit down to watch the game. I have been to plenty of games, you don't sit the entire time. Rude to the point that they booed and yelled at first aid workers who were tending to a drunken fan that fell down the stairs, because all of his bleeding was taking too long to clean up, and they couldn't see. Stand Up for Christ Sake!

Overall, an enjoyable experience. A Monday Night game has a certain electricity. Though I think Mrs Duck and I both decided that it would be only a once a year trip.