Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wadda Week Pt 2

The fun continues...

Tuesday was non existent. Probably because we walked in from the game at 2 in the morning and even with plenty of sleep I was totally and utterly exhausted. Poor Mrs Duck had to go to work. I can't even tell you what I really did that day.

Wednesday was a haircut down in Center City. I go to Jen at House Productions Studio. She does a nice job, though how hard can it be to cut my hair, you just have to cut it short. But Mrs. D does not like when I go to the Hair Cuttery and since it was a gorgeous day, a trip into Center City was not that bad. You just have to be out of town by 3 or the traffic gets disasterous. One highlight, besides saying hello to Mrs Duck at work, was a visit to the Amazon Cafe! on Market Street. I love there juice smoothies, plus they say they are putting little boosts of vitamins in them, though Im not totally sold on that. The coconut drink just brought back memories of Hawaii.

I was able to get out of the city in a reasonable amount of time and hit the Acme to pickup some odds and ends for dinner. Though I made a slight mistake in picking up peppers for dinner. Chipolte peppers in Adobo sauce are not a mild as I remember them!! Though I will share the recipe later, I can say that it was hotter then I remembered it, no matter how much chocolate powder or peanut butter I could add.


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