Saturday, October 21, 2006

Man bites Cops

You know the stories. The story about the stupid bank robber who leaves his address on the back of the note he passes to the teller. Or the smash and grab guy who tries to smash a rapper and his posse. And who hasnt heard the old joke about a donut shop being the safest place to work. Well, add this ticket scammer who not only was stupid enough to try and steal money from some of the toughest fans in the country, but also made sure that those fans were Police Officers!!


Momish said...

Ok, that guy is as good as dead! But, at least it worked out for the Philly police officers. The squeaky wheels got the grease. But, here's my beef: In the article this line makes no sense...

"Action News was told that after hearing of the officers' plight, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are offering up a sweet. "

Do they mean suite here???? Or sweet, as in a sticky bun or something? I think, or hope, it is a typo!

Sparky Duck said...

LOL yes they meant Suite, the owner of the Buccaneers actually donated it, which is pretty cool since these two teams dont necessarily get along.