Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fire Denny Green

After last night's disaster, I am sure there is plenty of cries to get Denny Green out now, today, period. You can't blow two 14 point leads in the fourth quarter and survive as a coach. This is a team that had Emmit Smith and now has Edge James at running back and still finds itself mired at about rank 20 or so in rushing. They have 2 of the most exciting wide receivers in the game right now and a rookie at quarterback that is going to be a stud and they still CANT WIN!

New Stadium-CANT WIN
New Uniforms-CANT WIN
A Hard Hitting Secondary-CANT WIN
a defensive line that has managed close to 30 sacks over the last 2 years and they just CANT WIN.

Somehow I think it might be the coaches fault by now.