Friday, October 27, 2006

Back at it-A Random Friday Return

Well, its been a few weeks, but with the return of some Ipod gift certificates, why not also have a return of the Random Friday Ipod Shuffle? Dont answer, Im doing it anyway.

1.How to Save a Life
-The Fray-How to Save a Life

2.What it Takes-Aerosmith-Pump

3.Tiny Dancer-Foo Fighters-A download from the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

4.Jersey Girl-Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Live:1975-1985

5.She Talks to Angels-The Black Crowes-The Black Crowes

6.Fall to Pieces
-Velvet Revolver-Contraband

7.Sound of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel-Essential Simon & Garfunkel

8.DnDS #402-Dawn and Drew Podcast

9.Daily Feed 8.23.06-Best of Preston &

10.Bed of Roses-Bon Jovi-Crossroad

Best Song:I used to be able to say without a doubt that Jersey Girl was the best choice. Though some things changed and that song now has some baggage to it, so Im going to name Bed of Roses as the best song from this random list.

Worst Song:Taking the two podcasts out of the discussion, I am gonna say that What it Takes is the weakest. Probably because it was so so overplayed over time, and its only marginally weak, just weak in this group.

Seen Live:Springsteen & the E Street Band & Bon Jovi. NJ does rock sometimes.

Ill post some more Random Fridays links once I scrounge them up.


ali said...

how many songs do you have on your ipod in total?

the husband put a whole bunch of his crap on mine - about 100 songs - and i have about 900 songs of my own and when it was on shuffle...his kept coming up.

Sparky Duck said...

I have about 2500 or so, so I would say I have a better shot of avoiding Xmas songs and such, just from sheer numbers.

Anonymous said...

I love #3. I just watched the video of funny. I love Dave Grohl. I saw Foo Fighters in concert a few years back, and it was one of my fave live performances ever! :-)

Sparky Duck said...

Twyla, funny and good all at the same time.