Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Jersey Budget Crisis

This whole budget crisis really has gotten me in a lather. So I did a tad bit of research on the anchor of this whole mess, New Jersey Legislature - Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts Jr. (D) of Camden and Gloucester county. His whole arguement is two fold, first that south Jersey does not wish to pay for the spending of North Jersey, and that property tax relief is needed. Si, Mr. Roberts is out for the little guy right, stopping the excess of NJ spending. Sounds really very heroic, a Don Quiote of NJ. Oh wait, whats this, a bill he sponsored on June 22, to allow the sales tax to rise from 6% to 7% on certain sales. Here take a look at the bill.Joseph Roberts Bill

so the sales tax can be raised on anything except for, things served with a fork or containing 2 or more ingredients (restaurant lobby), anything sold out of a vending machine (the highly powerful vending machine lobby), any boxing, kickboxing, or some sort of combat with hands (hmm, anyone say Bob Arum or Don King??) and rooms in hotel establishments except for those people living there month to month (the hotel and leisure lobby, ATLANTIC CITY CASINOS!!). So, Mr. Roberts in the end does not give a hoot about the little people, he just wants to be sure that the Steve Wynn's, Donald Trumps, and whoever owns Harrahs of the world be sure that they dont lose any of there billions of dollars.

What a crock. Property Tax in NJ is out of control, yet this man represents Camden and Gloucester County. Not exactly the hot beds of the housing boom. Tell him he's wrong, tell him that we can see through all this, that its a sham, a magic trick performed by George Norcross and the Trumps and Hiltons of the world. Tell him to move on already!


Anonymous said...

I agree whole hardily. Roberts, cody and a few jerky republicans are doing a sideshow. I consider them anal openings