Monday, February 20, 2006

a fun meme

Though honestly I have no idea what meme stands for, but I am borrowing this one frome Pax Romano's Ramblings by way of another philly blog-Apt2024

there everyone got credit that needed it!

so read and enjoy...

1: Black and White or Color; how do you prefer your movies?

Color hands down, though I do have some black and white movies on my favorite list, like the Philadelphia Experiment and most Bing Crosby movies, though dont talk to me about colorized movies, bleh

2: What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?

I would have to say anything math related, beyond balancing my checkbook

3: MP3's, CD's, Tapes or Records: what is your favorite medium for pre-recorded music?

with my Ipod, im now MP3 savvy and love it, though if there is a CD that is a classic (U2 All that you leave behind for example) I buy it for posterity

4: You are handed one first class trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world and ten million dollars cash. All of this is yours provided that you leave and not tell anyone where you are going ever. This includes family, friends, everyone. Would you take the money and ticket and run?

Whats money if your lonely? Heck i feel lonely somedays now and im poor

5: Seriously, what do you consider the world's most pressing issue now?

I try not to think that big, heck the US is screwed up enough, but in Philly with the murder rate what it is, it has to be gun control

6: How would you rectify the world's most pressing issue?

Melt the guns

7: You are given the chance to go back and change one thing in your life; what would that be?

Easy, I would take that opportunity to student teach in Delaware, would have sent me on a whole different path im sure

8: You are given the chance to go back and change one event in world history, what would that be?

Bush Gore

9: A night at the opera, or a night at the Grand Ole Opry. Which do you choose?

Depends on whose singing in each, Pavarotti and Bocelli swing me one way, Clint Black, Tim McGraw or Faith Hill the other...

10: What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you'd like to solve?

The disappearance of that couple from outside of the Abilene in South Philly. Its fresh in my mind because the one year anniversary of there disappearance is yesterday

11: One famous author can come to dinner with you. Who would that be, and what would you serve for the meal?

Right now im a Lyndell Hamilton sucker, and naturally for the author of the Anita Black series, something rare and bloody

12: You discover that John Lennon was right, that there is no hell below us, and above us there is only sky: what's the first immoral thing you might do to celebrate this fact?

Well, i believe in reincarnation, but ive never tried illegal drugs, so maybe try some weed?


Miss Margo said...

3. MP3's except for great albums
4. Absolutely not
5. The utter misunderstandings between Muslim culture and the rest of the world
7. I would have taken my life more seriously when I was 19-21
8. Fall of Rom
10. The identity of Jack the Ripper
11. Ernst Hemmingway
12. mean I wasn't supposed to have started already? Whoops!

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