Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Really Bad videos episode one-Big Country-"In a Big Country"

Ok first let us forget about the lack of imagination in naming of this song. And yes, it does have a good sound to it song wise. I mean how could anyone not like a song that had the guitars sound of like they were bagpipes. The video however is still AWFUL.

Let us recollect, these fellows are supposed to be spies, chasing a mysterious package that has the bands ensignia upon it. Now, they are horrible spies, since they are easily followed by that dreadlocked chick in the body glove suit. And, what spy in there right mind scoots around the country side upon ATVs and minibikes. Yes I can just picture 007 or Magnum PI cutting a fast getaway in an ATV. Then the woman beats the 4 band members/spies up. Sean Connery had to be embarassed. Thennnnn, when they go scuba diving, it looks like a few of them could barely even swim, it took them longer to get into the scuba gear, and we cut to a shot of them swimming on top of the water, heck I think the drummer was doing the doggy paddle for petes sake.

In conclusion, great song, still one of my faves and a terrible horrible horrendous video.