Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Schiavo Mess

And that is what it has totally become. Here in Philly, it has been a story that has been going on for a long long time, but it is now really exploding all over the place. My personal opinion is unimportant, though if I do end up brain dead, I would not want to be kept alive beyond a month. It is not living. A coma is different, you can come back from that, but being brain dead, there is no come back. And the news here is very slanted against the husband, painting there news stories like Terry was some hostage that needed saving somewhere. And the goverment's involvement?? Totally wrong and totally a political manuever by the Republicans to attach itself to a "values and morals" type issue.
It is just a mess, and it makes you sad for all involved in the end.


supine said...

I cannot believe how crazily people are behaving in trying to discredit Terri's husband. If he really didn't love her and just wanted to start his new life, he would've divorced her YEARS ago and never looked back! Gah. Boggles the mind.

A.To said...

Republicans always use the "values and morals" to gain support. They did it with abortion, they're doing it now.