Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Interesting Thought

The FuW and I were having an interesting discussion earlier tonight, so I figured I would share it here. As some may know, I am a very big fan of West Wing, who has Jimmy Smits running for the Democratic nomination. This lead to a discussion on whether a white woman, a african american male or a latino man would be elected president of the United States. I figured that a latino would have the best shot of winning because of the large spanish speaking population in CA. Fl. and TX. FuW felt that a white woman would have the best chance, because no one would ever elect a minority candidate. I mean, there are also factors, like party affiliations, and as usual issues, as well as home state. FuW had a good point though, that the whole thing would be thrown off completely by the entrance of a Colin Powell type candidate, because tons of people love him.

As a staunch democrat, I think I would vote for a Dem. unless they were running someone like a white supremacist or something. But thats because I am sick of losing. But I also think a latino would have the best shot because he would be able to get the biggest treats in the electoral college. Any thoughts?


Annie said...

I think there'd be alot more write ins than usual for that particular election. I'm Democrat, too, and would vote my party, unless there was a very good reason not too. Like, say, the woman candiate was a Martha Stewart type. All I know is I'm still rather po'd that Kerry lost. And it was the first time I've voted since Clinton's first term. Bollocks.

Miss Margo said...

I'm gonna go hispanic. I base this on the fact that everyone pretty much agrees that someday a woman will be elected president. Hispanics though, have great numbers and great grass roots organization, so it wouldn't be too hard to moblize their forces. And of course it doesn't hurt that they are the minority du jour either.

Matthew said...

Interesting post, Sparky.

Out of the three choices presented, I'd have to opt for the Hispanic candidate, for the demographic reasons previously presented. It should be noted, however, that there is still a lot of rampant racism against latinos/as in this country, so nothing's a sure bet.

I still feel like there's some resistance to a female president. For one thing, look at how we 'expect' our First Ladies to behave: docile, background and subservient to their husbands. If they act quasi-independent (like Hillary Clinton), they're vilified. Yes, we've got a long way to go.

And I also think that they African-American president is a dream still a long way from becoming a reality. Colin Powell had a couple things going for him: his popularity from Gulf War I, and his light-skin. That's shallow, but true. White folks feel more comfortable when black people aren't really black - y'know what I mean?

Same goes for Hispanics. You'll notice, for example, that the West Wing cast Jimmy Smits and not Edward James Olmos. Smits doesn't look quite as 'ethnic.' Shallow, but true.

Then again, I could be all wrong.

Take care.