Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Weyco is an outrage

Ok this is plain and simple wrong. I am beginning to feel wronged as a smoker, everyone is out to get us. I have no problem with not smoking at work, I can wait until my lunch hour and leave the premises, but to be able to test someone and fire them for smoking at home? Smoking is legal, so I do not think it is right to be able to legislate what I do at home if something is legal. Weyco fires 4 employees for refusing smoking test Now the CEO said on the news that he does not wish to have his insurance go up because of what smokers do to there bodies. I can understand the arguement, smokers know the risks. One arguement I do have though to his logic, Is the CEO now going to force his employees to lose weight as well, because obesity is another high risk activity that leads to multiple health problems, that for alot of people can be controlled? Its just sad when rights get trampled, FuW and I were pissed.