Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Promised Land

Ok, I am not going to take any credit, mostly because it would be rude of me. But I am a believer in jinxes, curses, lucky and unlucky shirts, so I am a bit giddy about the Philadelphia Eagles finally getting to the Super Bowl. If you are not from here, I doubt you know how much this means to most of the people in this city. I know I did not understand it until I saw the way they celebrated, peacefully in the streets, all of the signs of encouragement along Woodhaven Rd and I-95, and the tears that actually welled up in FuW eyes when she saw Donovan & B-Dawg holding that trophy. I guess it goes to show how much NY/NJ people take things for granted, it seems that every couple of years one of our teams gets into a championship of some sort, and whether you love the Yankees/Rangers/Devils or hate them, it becomes second nature to expect them there. Not here in the city of brotherly love, and for that I am truly happy for the people here. They deserve some good luck.