Saturday, January 15, 2005


Yesterday was black, green and white day in the city of Brotherly Love and its surrounding neighborhoods, in honor of the playoff game between the Igles and the Vikes. I have to say that this town falls into there same traps over and over again. All 3 news stations has Eagles Party specials on, as well as rapping fans who rip of Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee and enough renditions of "Fly Eagles Fly" to have you hear it in your sleep. NYC doesn't do those things, DC doesnt do those things, Phoenix only trots out this kinda of hoopla for the World Series, not a second round playoff game. I think its just another way for this town to get hurt all over again. I will root for the Eagles tomorrow, but they maybe out of luck if they play Michael Vick and the Falcons this weekend. Run Westbrook Run.


Anonymous said...

Your Philly's looked good today. No more Randy Moss this season! Hurray!