Friday, January 14, 2005

Gotta love Verizon

They did an excellent job of keeping me from my PC for the last few days. The dsl system seemed to have a major malfunction on Tuesday, and while it was fixed up Wed and Thurs, it still was not perfect. I think we should get credit for a day for lack of use.

Anyway, lotsa thoughts. This weekend is one of the best weekends if you are an NFL fan. The divisional games are usually the most exciting of the lot, and Sundays games will be better then Saturdays, though I would be remiss if I did not recommend at least checking out any game with Michael Vick. The Indianapolis Colts made some bulletin board type mistakes this week leading up to the game with New England. Not only did there kicker mouth off about how well they were going to do, there website began to sell AFC Championship T-shirts, about a week to early! Not a good plan.

$50 million on an inaugural?

We are going to the Philadelphia Home Show at the Convention Center this weekend. It will be fun, though I made the suggestion to go and FuW said no, yet when AM suggested it, off we go. Anyway, FuW says that its always over the top, but maybe we can get some ideas and rework them to be more affordable. I am emboldened with confidence after getting the Ikea PC desk together, though I would be thrilled if they actually included directions with words.

We think we found a place to hold the wedding, we both love it. I will post the website once everything is concrete, since I am the superstitious type. Plus I promise ring pictures once I find the wire for the camera.