Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Turkey Soda

Ok I love a good drumstick as much as the next guy, but this maybe pushing the envelope a bit far.The Jones Soda Co. Holiday Pack Now everybody that knows me knows I go for the strange stuff, the Poore Brothers Dill Pickle Potato Chips , the chocolate mint smokes and the Fish Enchiladas, but I may not be this brave.


Miss Margo said...

I concur doctor! I could handle cranberry sauce pop, maybe even pecan pie pop, but turkey pop is too gross! (Yes, I call it pop...get over it already). One of my co-workers has agreed to try the Turkey Pop for $5, I will let you know the results of the taste test.

In other soda related news, have you heard about the Holiday Pepsi?

Sparky Duck said...

I have not, though with TiVo I see alto less commercials then I used too. At least its for a good cause. I will await the evaluations of the taste test with baited breath.

On a side note, my father went to college in Iowa, my brother and sister in law in Ohio, so while it still sounds odd, I am used to the Pop refernce