Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Long Nite and the aftermath of Martini's

If you looked at my blog as the night wore on, you could see how things were just not beginning to swing a progressive way. And yes, some of the posts at the end made absolutely no sense what so ever. I am not going to edit them though, possible because it was an artifact of my mood, something to remember. It hurts still this morning, I do not know where that hope went.

I never anticipated all of those Marriage amendments, and those really got out the conservative vote, which then caused a surge in Monkey's support as well.

I am not moving, but damn, just the thought of Vancouver Canada sounds nice every once in a while.


Baby Girl said...

I have been considering the move to Canada myself. If my mother enforced French (she's from Montreal) I could go to Quebec easily. But Toronto or British Columbia will sufice. Health Care, clean streets, no guns and no Bush. Sounds like Utopia.