Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Doctor Visit

Ok, so it turns out I probably did have a sinus infection, though now it has slipped off into the galaxy, or wherever these infections go. Doctor did hook me up with enough allergy medicine to choke a small donkey, including for the 1st time Flonase. Now I have never used this stuff, but I feel 10 times better already.

AS i was there (195 pounds by the way yuck!) they took my bloodpressure, said it was 130-over 92, which means very little to me, but the nurse said 92 is a little high? I think it was just doctor office stress.

I call gf and tell her about everything, and she says, high blood pressure? what do you have to be stressed about. Well, shes doing all of this from work, had she tends to talk a bit loudly, which makes everyone in her office think shes yelling. This leads to fits of giggles from gf coworkers, "well maybe if you didnt yell at him so much he wouldnt be stressed" Now gf is the sweetest thing, she really never yells, but it was just one of those funny moments we come across in our daily lives...