Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Walt Disney World 1

Well I was on vacation last week, and now I thought I would give my few humble readers a review of our experience:

Night1-Arrived in Orlando airport after a bit of a nightmarish morning. Our friends decided to drop off a car before they picked us up to go to the airport. So needless to say we were a bit more behind schedule then the gf and I like when flying. But we made it ok, just as they predicted we would. The weather was a blamy 88 or so. The room we got at the Port Orleans-French Quarter was actually quite nice. Only Disney can make a Days Inn look really special. We embarked for a bit of sightseeing and dinner. Took a boat to downtown disney and dined at the Portobello Yacht Club. Food was ok at best, but the service helped make it an enjoyable dinner.

Day1-Sunday-We go off to the Magic Kingdom for lunch at Cinderella's Castle, something the gf really wanted to do (sometimes she is 30 going on 13). The food was pretty good, but the smile on her face made it worth it. Traipsed around the magic kingdom, avoiding the blasted stroller briogades that were laid out all over the place. if you don't like kids stay away form Magic Kingdom, especially on a weekend. Best ride as always was the Buzz Lightyear one, I won the competition! We slowly became exhausted, but marched on to Epcot to see the fireworks and dinner. Fireworks were great, though I am surprised Disney is not sued more for ash in the patrons eyes. Food at Rose and Crown was dreadful. Shocking that most people think that the english can't cook. Everyone behaved and had a nice 1st full day.