Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday, plus vacation

Ok 1st off here are some of my own thoughts on the debate.

-Bush was looking for a knockout, to crush Kerry and put him away so he wouldnt have to really deal with him anymore. Instead, he definetly got beat. No it was not a stomping bloodletting, but it was clarified everyone on there issues, so we all know where both guys stand.

-Does Bush have a leg to stand on when it comes to domestic issues. That may have been why his spin doctors were less then excited about yesterday.

-GF says to me last night "look at you, you have been excited about this debate all day." To which I replied "yes but I am also nervous, there have been plenty of football games that I was excited about only to see my team go down 21-0 in 5 minutes and all you can do is sit and stew" Luckily it turned out better then my Eeyore persona could have expected.

-Just because I say this shirt I am wearing is red, and to everyone else its blue, does not mean that the freaking shirt is not blue.

-Ok undecideds, its almost time for you all to s+*T or get off the pot already!

Ok, have to clean out my car, find my clothes for the trip coming up, WDW Baby!! Ill share more about that later, once I get some things accomplished around here, like setting up my PC so I can update the ipod, figure out how much $$ I have for the trip, etc. happy Friday everybody!!