Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate thoughts

Ok 1st off the drinking game didn't work to well after the 1st 15 min since, it was a domestic debate and alot of the code words were about foreign policy.

Kerry won again, but I am biased and the president definetly improved over the long haul. I mean in the end, the entire thing is going to come out to how much of each base comes out for the candidate. How scary is it that the election again could come down to Florida, as well as the weather across the country.

Something alot of people have a problem with is Kerry invoking the name of Cheney's daughter. While it might have been a bit out of bounds, its also a plan I think but republican hacks to makes sure we don't notice that the president didn't answer the gay question, almost invoking the idea that it is a choice!


Pam said...

Hey what's up?

I didn't watch the debate, so I missed out on any possible drinking games. It's a sad day in Philadelphia.

I was looking through blogger sites, and saw that you're from philly, much like my awesome self!! I'm actually planning on moving out of philly soon... to NJ... But anyhow-- I just thought I'd drop a quick line and say hello, and whatnot.

Alrighty, that's about it! Take a look at my blog if you get a chance! Thanks!

Baby Girl said...

Bush also danced around the Affirmative Action question, he kept on this tangent about better education. What the? Just answer the question.

Sparky Duck said...

Baby, I thought it was even worse when he pushed education as a way to help the unemployed!? Um I am a college graduate, i dont need education, though a job would be nice.