Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 21 was a good day for hotness

Though I will have to say, I think it is better on the eyes for the guys as opposed to the gals. But, I do not have the best opinion, since I am not too sure what a hot guy is. I go off other peoples advice, but hey, this duck doesnt swing that way.

Anyway, I had this blog post idea for the actual day (February 21) but I am a bad blogger. That or I do way too much politics.

Charlotte Church has grown up nicely. And apparently she is also a bit of a bitch. Not that I could care one bit

Ellen Page, who could have a very big day this Sunday in Los Angeles, is growing into the cuteness displayed in Xmen. Plus she was funny on Letterman.

People say she has a fat ass now, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is still a fantasy girl to me. Heck, she is the only reason to watch Ghost Whisperer. Especially in the episode where the handcuffed her to a bed, ohhh doggy.

Add all that to Billy Baldwin...

and porn starlet Leah Lexington

and I would say Feb 21 was a Birthday for many different tastes


Anthony said...

Ellen Page was great in "Juno", but I don't think the Academy (in its holier-than-thou wisdom) will award her. It doesn't matter, really.
From what I understand, she wasn't that far out of character as the wise-cracking Juno. I'll check the Letterman clip, since I haven't been able to stay up that late.

Tug said...

Hollywood's insane (shock & surprise, I know!).

Jennifer Love's ass - I WISH mine was as "big" as hers...she looks awesome!

Desert Songbird said...

WTF? Are you confusing Charlotte Church with that freak-a-zoid Amy Winehouse? Who's the bitch?

Cinnamon Girl said...

Love has always had junk in the trunk. The girl has never been a stick. And if she is fat, sign me up!