Friday, October 26, 2007

A Weekend In Philly Tag

Last week, though perhaps it was two weeks ago by now, Kailani over at an Island Life tagged me for a weekend in your city meme. I loved it because she did Honolulu and dangnabit when I hit the Lottery I am getting a house there, right next to Keanu's. Unfortunately, no power ball numbers this week, so I guess I just get to do this meme. And of course, I am gonna tag some folks, so look at below.

Of course there are rules, answer the questions, tag 5 people and then go off on your travels to there hometowns. The hardest part is that you can only give one answer for each of the questions. No ties, which sucks.

Best Place to Eat:
You would think this would be a hard one, hell, Philadelphia is a major metropolitian city. However, in most places the drinks are great and the food is eh. Chains are popular. So while Mrs Duck and I are Carraba kinda people, I will nominate Roy's on 15th Street in Center City. Its our anniversary place, its the place we usually take out of towners who wont be around again for a while and it transports you back to the Islands. Roy's pulls off a tough trick, transporting you out of Center City, at least with your tastebuds.

Best Shopping Mall
-Ok we are only going to sort of cheat here, since the mall at King of Prussia is not really in Philadelphia, but it is within a good driving distance. This mall is actually two malls connected to each other, and is on 2 levels.

By the way, the map only shows one half of the mall, there is a whole other half. Which is why there is always one holiday shopping trip up here.

Famous Landmark
:Okay, do not tell me that you do not know that the Liberty Bell is here. Good gravy its the Liberty Bell!

Best Tourism Attraction:Well, once you are done with the Liberty Bell, which will honestly take you 10 minutes, you could mosy on down to the Constitution Center. Its one of the best historical things in the City proper. Not only are there life like models of all the signers of the Constitution, there is also one of 5 original copies and usually a changing display in another museum section. In fact, we went to see the First Ladies exhibit a few weeks back because Mrs Duck just loves Jackie O.

Best Place for the Kids:Yep, another Museum, but this time one that they will probably like. The Franklin Institute is also in Center City Philadelphia and is a cool museum because they really want the guests to touch things. Its one of those scientific museums, with all about the heart and electricity and wind, etc etc etc. The just had the King Tut exhibit close and trust me, when we went, it was overrun with school kids.

Popular Outdoor Activity
: Hmm tough one, though I can say that the rowing down the Schuykyll seems to be very popular. You wont catch me doing it, but it does seem popular.

Breathtaking Views
:The Pyramid Club in the Mellon Bank building. Ok, I have never seen it, but Mrs Duck has and raves about it everytime we go past the old Mellon Bank Building. Its a private club, so you and me will just have to guess on how good it looks, but Mrs Duck did get to collect some perks for working for a big time corporation.

Only found in Philadelphia: One word my friends, Tastykake.

Thanks for visiting and now 5 suckers that get tagged:

1.Bond's Big Leather Couch (how often will we read the word Elvis)
2.Rhian, the Creative Goddess
3.Amy Ruttan
4.One Gals Musings
5.Interstellar Adventures


Desert Songbird said...

Really? The Liberty Bell? In Philadelphia?

Who knew?

Wait...what's the Liberty Bell?

[[blink, blink]]


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself up!

Unknown said...

What a great post.Michael would love to take me there sometime!!!

Erin said...

Yum, Tastykake! OMG - My first real boyfriend of 8 years was from Harrisburg and when we were going to college he was all ticked off he couldn't get them in RI so he used to have his mom send them to him. I never truly got the reasoning behind this until I sunk my teeth into the butterscotch tastykake. It was like a little slice of heaven. Now everytime I drive back up to RI from North Carolina to go home for a visit, I stop around Philly and pick me up a couple of boxes. They are just that delicious. Now, if I can only get someone to open a Roher's bakery here that is in Lancaster, PA I'd be a happy woman ;)

Rhian said...

i was coming over here to bop you upside the head for memeing me but holy cow Bat-duck! This one is right up my alley!! Putting this on the docket for next tuesday and i intend to make all y'all feel like you need to hop the first train to my neck o' the woods. heading out for photoshoot - smooches, rhi

Cinnamon Girl said...

Desert cracks me up too!

Roy's is yummy. There is one in Kihei right down from the condo. Man I love Hawaii.

Anthony said...

Strange, I've never been to Roy's, as much as I'm in that area. I'll have to check it out.

Nothin' like the Franklin Institute.

If you can't get to the Pyramid Club, for a postcard view, stand on the South Street Bridge.

Lisa Andel said...

What is it with Tastykakes? I run into the word everywhere but I don't think I've ever seen one.

Anonymous said...

*swoon* I could spend the whole weekend in that mall! And Roy Yamaguchi is a culinary genius!

Wylie Kinson said...

Well, I can hardly pretend that I don't feel slighted, Sparky...

I LOVE King of Prussia. I got lost in Restoration Hardware for 3 days. The search party finally found me, starved but giddy.
Lots of Bermudians head there to shop. I believe entire planes have been chartered!

Cinnamon Girl said...

OMG...Restoration Hardware is amazing. Home remodel stuff gets me. I can spend hours looking at light fixtures. It's a bit odd :P

Anthony said...

Sparky: I think we should send lisa a case of butterscotch krimpets!

Amy Ruttan said...

Ok I'm tagged. I'll do this one today when I get home. YOu tagger you. Sorry I'm so late responding. I was in the States this weekend.

The Gal Herself said...

I done did my tag. BTW, I always enjoyed my times in Philly. Terrific seafood, though I believe the place we went to (Bookbinders?) is now gone.

Rhian said...

Note to self: Wylie feels slighted. Translation: willing Meme victim. Mwwaaahahahahaaa!

Anonymous said...

The only time I've ever been to Philly was a through-trip (when I was 15) on the way to The Cape. We got lost looking for our downtown Marriott hotel, and ended up driving around for about an hour before I finally spotted it. My mom was crying and so were my little brothers and sisters. I plan on running the marathon there one year! That's a tour.

I'll be happy to oblige with a tour of my town. :)

Anonymous said...

OK! My Dallas tour is up! Come check out what we have to offer.

Anonymous said...

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