Friday, September 08, 2006

Randomness is beautiful or I am not a Canadian!

or, at least its some good fodder for a blog post, so here we go...

1.I will Remember You-Sara McLachlan-Glimmerball
2.Solisbury Hill-Sara McLachlan-bootleg
3.Classic Drumline Battle-Drumline Soundtrack
4.Into the Feeling-Bobby Peru-Ultra 80's vs Electro
5.91.7-Itrip Station
6.The Gambler-Kenny Rogers-Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits
7.Yesterday-The Beatles-No Clue what album
8.Preston and Steve Podcast (8/10/06)-Preston & Steve-WMMR
9.Canadian National Anthem-Sara McLachlan
10.Don't Lie-Black Eyed Peas-Monkey Business

Favorite Song-Yesterday by the Beatles. One of the most perfectly, beautifully written songs, by of course a classic band. No matter how many times he gets into bed with a one legged woman, Paul can still sing when he has to

Least Favorite Song
-Into the Feeling. Honestly, I do not even know how this song ended up on the Ipod. I think Mrs. Duck was practicing before she got her lovely pink one. I dont even know what this song sounds like.

Saw Live-Sara McLachlan. We saw the Glimmerball tour in Atlantic City, at a lovely small venue of only about 8000 people or so. She closed with this version of Solisbury Hill, which I found some days later and it still brings a smile to my face.

Odd Notes-1.The Ipod must have been on some sort of Maple Leaf/Lilith Fair kick, with all the Sara McLachlan stuff

2.The song from Drumline really gets you in the mood for football

3.If you dont know who Preston and Steve are, check them out at WMMR you may not miss Howard Stern anymore.

4. for more beautiful Randomness, join us at Apartment 2024


Anonymous said...

I've had some random tens with just all out weird coincidences - I average one Xmas tune most posts, but sometimes skip. Which made the time (earlier this summer I think) I got 3 Xmas songs weird. And once I got 2 Tori Amos and 2 Sundays (and I think that week 1 of the 4 matched another blogger)

As a recovering Mathie - randomness doesn't mean elduing coincidences as long as their incidence is rare...